Hot Water

Chippa's Plumbing knows there is nothing worse that your hot water system breaking down and will prioritise your call out to fix the problem as soon as possible.

If your hot water system has broken down, you are thinking about a new system or concerned about a leak, temperature control or other issue, Call Chippa's Plumbing now on 0458 516 491 for all your hot water system plumbing needs in Orange and surrounding areas.

We repair, replace and install hot water systems and include electrical works ( with the benefit of a restricted licence) to save you time and money. We offer advice on choosing a system from leading brands and can recommend a solution to your hot water problems with honesty.

Chippas' Plumbing also offer a comprehensive range of home heating maintenance, repair and installation solutions for gas heaters, boiler systems and the latest in hydraulic underfloor heating.

Hot water and home heating solutions we offer include:

  • Electric and gas hot water systems
  • Maintenance, repairs and installation
  • Boiler systems
  • Underfloor hydraulic heating
  • Gas heater installation and repair
    • Get in touch today on 0458 516 491 for all your hot water, home heating and plumbing requirements in Orange NSW.